Teaching Hitting

 In my humble opinion, teaching hitting to someone is incredibly difficult, not only for the player but also for the coach.

We all know the analogies of hitting a round ball, traveling at 95 mph and moving up or down, with a round bat. Pretty much like the chicken or egg question of which came first … sometimes there is no apparent answer.

However, we all know there are answers, as we see them in every baseball game, Pee Wee league to the major leagues, players hitting the baseball. Sometimes with authority … sometimes not, doesn’t matter… we know it’s possible.

Now we have the task of teaching hitting to others who must learn to accomplish the task on a more or less consistent basis. Notice I said “more or less” because nobody is capable of mastering the skill, not with all the hundreds of natural variables involved and … something called a pitcher who has trained hard to prevent you from hitting the ball.

The links below are divided in sub-categories as close as I could make them, but as with all other baseball skills, some will over lap and as I stated before … some redundancy, which is intentional because I found it invaluable in teaching, will occur.

Some of the subjects are elementary while some are quite detailed and involved, per the subject matter and skill. Don’t get overwhelmed.

As they say “Eat an elephant one bite at a time.”

I prefer “A trip of a 1000 miles begins with the first step.”

Teaching Hitting to:     

Where to Start?


Youth Baseball Hitting

Hitting Off a Tee

How to Hit a Baseball

Hitting a Baseball

Baseball Hitting Drills

Batting Drills

Choking the Bat

Baseball hitting Drills

Expanding Our Knowledge:

Avoiding a Wild Pitch

Baseball Hitting Tips

Baseball Swing


Hitting Drills

Baseball Hitting Tricks

Batting Tip

Becoming a Better Hitter

Hitting Tips

How to Hit Baseballs


Moving On & Up:

baseball hitting drills

Back Yard Baseball

Baseball Hitting Instruction

Batting Technique

Hitting Slump Cure

Little League Hitting Drills

Baseball Hit 

Baseball Hitting

Squeeze Bunt 


Baseball Statistics

Indoor Batting 

Playing Pepper

Baseball Bat Size Chart

Wood Baseball Bats

Learn Youth Baseball Coaching

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