Physical and Mental Injuries


Physical and mental injuries are the Very Last thing we as human beings, much alone coaches and parents, want our kids to incur. Some injuries will occur over the course of a season, it’s just the nature of the beast of competitive physical contests. Therefore, our job is to attempt to limit the Number and most importantly the Severity of injuries. I don’t want anyone injured, but I’ll take a bloody nose over a broken arm anytime.

The lesson links will take you over the basic and most common injuries incurred by ball players, including recognition of the injury and type of treatment required or suggested, whether a band aid or professional medical help.

It’s important we as coaches have the ability and skills to immediately recognize uncharacteristic behavior in our players, a sudden limp, for several reasons. A youngster who is extremely mentally tough or is afraid of peer pressure or mocking, may hesitate to tell a coach he is hurting and we must think for them.

Stopping the severity of the injury in its tracks is very important. A small blister on the heal treated and protected is no big deal, but an open blister which becomes infected is an entirely different story.

Physical and Mental Injuries - Ouch

Something we fail to realize or connect together, is many physical injuries are the result of mental awareness or mental injuries if you will. A strong, motivated attitude creates an positive and alert awareness which can either avoid or completely neutralize the hazardous situation before an accident occurs.

This learning lesson is a combination of physical, mental and emotional awareness, injury and strengthening. If you don’t already realize it, You will see the importance of the Power of the Mind as it influences nearly every result we see in playing the game … of baseball and life.


Injuries & Fitness 101:


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Ice Therapy

Little League Baseball Injuries

Nose Bleeds

Player Injury

Turf Toe

Tommy John Surgery


Mental Fitness 101:

How to Build Self Confidence

How to Set Goals


Mental Imagery

Mental Toughness


Sports Motivation

Self Help Motivation

Self Motivation

Sports Psychology

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