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With Spring comes the baseball season and as every baseball player, fan and coach knows, accurate, effective and consistent pitching is a key part of the game at every level.

 Baseball pitchers at every level, this is true for little leaguers, high school pitchers, college pitchers and pitches who are competing at the major league level.always want to find a way to throw more strikes. .

After pitchers know how to throw a variety of pitches and master the proper and safe mechanics associated with throwing these pitches, pitching, becomes quite mental.

 Pitchers need to learn a number of mental skills in order to be consistent and effective on the mound.

First, they need a system or methodology for relaxing when they are in a pressure situation, whether it be deep breathing or a quick meditation method. Something.

Second, they need to know how to instill themselves with confidence and maintain a confident presence in the dugout, in the bullpen and on the mound. Image can be very powerful.

Sports Psychology - In The Zone

Third, they need to develop a technique, coaches are important here, to maintain focus and concentration. Once they know how to do this, they are more likely to have better accuracy and better control of their pitches.

Fourth, they need to have a game plan or a strategy, in conjunction with their catcher, that they are comfortable with when they face particular types of batters. Some pitchers throw the same way to every hitter, while others throw differently to different batters, while some determine their approach based on the game situation.

Fifth, pitchers need to know how to tune out any distractions which can interfere with their concentration and their performance. Laser focus is important.

Sixth, many pitchers need a mantra or mental thought that they stay with every time they throw.

Seventh, the relationships that the pitcher has with his catcher, coach and pitching coach can be vitally important, especially for a younger player. These are the assets he calls upon to improve.

Eighth, pitchers need to know how to stay in the present when they are competing and not think about the next hitter.  They need to remember that the most important pitch they throw ... is the next one.

Ninth, pitchers need to minimize self-criticism when they are the mound, that is don't get down on oneself because a batter just hit a home run or you just walked the weakest hitter on the team.

Tenth, pitchers need to know the difference between the practicing mentality and the competing mentality, as these are two distinct mental and emotional gears that players need to know how to utilize wisely.

Eleventh, pitchers need to develop and use a routine and the right kind of self-talk in between pitches. This routine and the positive self talk should be designed in such a way that they help the player to enter the zone.

Last, pitchers need to know the mental and physical keys that help them to enter the zone more often.

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