How To Play Infield 

I once heard a person describe how to play infield as the actions, some lightening fast … others seemingly maple syrup slow, which occur on the Baseball Infield as a “Chaotic Ballet.”

I had never thought of baseball in the terms of ballet, but study a middle infielder dance around second base, gliding over the bag, while avoiding an opposition player running as fast as possible with the intentions of bowling him over, and the fancy footwork is obvious.

Now you’re not here to learn ballet …. And I’m not here to teach it if I could. We’re here to teach and learn the basic skills of “How to Play an Infield Position.”

Once we build a strong foundation, we’ll advance on to more difficult skills which are required of a top notch baseball infielder.

Many of the skills an infielder must master are identical regardless of the position he is playing. However, other skills are position specific. I have attempted to divide Basic, Advanced, Position Specific & General Skills into categories, but much of it overlaps.

How To Play Infield

The Class Room

You will notice some redundancy in the lessons, skills described in slightly different terms or mannerisms, and that is intentional by design.

I once whined to a coach, don’t do that by the way, that I was tired of running the same drill over and over. He gave me a puzzled look, maybe a little aggravated too, and said I wasn’t running the same drill … I was running different versions of the same drill.

“Jim,” he said, “ Some people understand 3 + 1 = 4 while others understand 2 + 2 = 4. The important thing is to reach the answer 4.”

It’s my job to help you and your players reach #4. That’s exactly what the following information will accomplish.

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Double Play

Skills Applying to Entire Infield:

Baseball Positions

Reading Infield Hops

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Mental Anticipation

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Infield Drills

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