Baseball Drills-Throwing

Baseball Drills-Throwing: Fielding Mechanics Drill

Ever think about having infield catching and throwing drills without a baseball? “He’s finally lost his mind.” You are mumbling. No, not yet.

This drill is specifically designed for very young players, T-ball and/or first year players, and teaches the proper fielding and throwing techniques which players will use the rest of their lives.


1.    Have the team form a semi-circle in front of you where everyone can see you.

2.    Demonstrate and explain every aspect of how to catch a routine ground ball.

   a.    Proper fielding position, knees bent … glove down … eyes on batter

   b.    As the ball approaches, glove on ground … out in front of you … body bent low & slightly forward … feet slightly staggered

   c.    Field the ball with both hands.

   d.    Raise … face target … step towards target … throw … follow through.

Baseball Drills-Throwing

Learning the Basics

Spread your players, with their gloves on, around the infield between third and first base and rotate. You, using a bat pretend to hit a ground ball to the player. The player is to pretend he is using the exact motions he’d use to field and throw the ball.

If need be actually verbally tell the player what to do. “Get down” “Get glove out front” “etc.” It is best if another coach is positioned with the players to explain what they did wrong.

This drill teaches the correct basic fielding mechanics without the pressure of having to catch the ball, which at this age consumes 100% of their concentration.

Pretty Good Form - Charging Ball

Infield Throws

The usual “around the horn,”” throw to first” and the catcher’s “throw to second” are about the extent of the normal infield throwing routine. It’s not until the first baseman or third baseman makes a wild throw to second, for a force out or double play, do we realize how awkward the throw may be due to lack of practice.

There is a very easy fix for this, practice.

Drill: Position a player at each base, including the pitcher & catcher. Hitting sequences:

1.    Hit to 3rd … throw to 1st … 1st throw to 2nd … 2nd to 3rd … 3rd back to 1st … 1st to Home

   a.    Covers throw to first for out

   b.    1st to 2nd for Force/Double Play

   c.    2nd to 3rd Force Out

   d.    3rd repeat most used throw to 1st

   e.    1st to Home Play at the Plate

Baseball Drills-Throwing

Making Throw From 3rd

1.    Hit to SS … throw to 1st … 1st throw to SS covering 2nd … SS throw to 1st … 1st to Home

   a.    Covers SS to 1st throw out

   b.    1st to SS for Force/Double Play SS covering

   c.    SS throw back to 1st

   d.    1st to Home

2.    Hit to 2nd … throw to 1st … 1st back to 2nd … 2nd to 3rd … 3rd to Home

   a.    Covers 2nd to 1st throw out …

   b.    1st to 2nd … Force/Double Play …

   c.    2nd to 3rd Force Out

   d.    3rd to Home Play at Plate

3.    Hit back to Pitcher … throw to 1st …1st to 3rd … 3rd Home … back to pitcher …to 2nd … 2nd to Home … back to pitcher … to 3rd …. To Home Plate

The variations are endless and this is merely an example. The main thing to keep in mind is the reasoning for the drill.

All infielders to practice throws to All bases. This definitely includes Pitchers, who we sometimes forget is an infielder.


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