Baseball Coaching Tips - Playing Third Base:

 Baseball Coaching Tips ---  Although speed always helps in any position you’re playing, the third baseman does not need to be fleet of foot to become an excellent defensive player. What the Player must posses is quick feet and hands, and a very strong throwing arm. 

Third base position has been nick named the Hot Spot because of the lighting speed in which a ball can reach the position. This is why quickness of hands and feet are more important than running speed as far as covering a lot of ground such as the shortstop position is required to do.

 Be in Ready Fielding Position & Stay Down on the Ball
Baseball Coaching Tips

  Your starting fielding position, which is very important to every infielder, but to the third base position it is imperative, because he may not have time to lower his glove before the ball shoots past him.

  Your knees should be bent, glove out if front of you touching the ground, head up. You should be on the balls of your feet and be leaning slightly forward. From this position you are prepared to optimize every move, left, right or charge, all while the glove is low to the ground.

Try to Field Everything to Your Left 
Baseball Coaching Tips

 Performing The Backhand:

  Your initial move is to bring your left foot across your body and step sideways, bringing your entire body closer to the foul line and the ball. Your body will be turned backwards with your back facing the infield, but your head remains looking over your shoulder towards the infield and the ball.

  Your glove hand will be turned backwards, but the face of your glove will be open and facing the ball. You were in your proper fielding stance, plus the taking of a cross step, you are already low, preventing the ball from skirting under your glove.

  Once you catch the baseball, swing your right foot around behind, turning your body towards first base, Planting your right foot and throw.

Perform the throw as quickly as possible, but don’t rush the throw as strength and accuracy is more important, the additional time on your part at third base to field and right yourself is all but negated by the speed in which the ball reached you. Remember to hold the ball in a four seam grip.

The Key to a Successful Backhand is being able to Quickly Plant your foot and Throw with Velocity

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