baseball hitting drills - 3 Stages

 Progressively Harder Hitting Drills

Super Star athletes, regardless of what kind of sport, reach that plateau by intentionally and progressively making their practice sessions increasingly more difficult in order to force themselves to reach the next level.  

Here are 3 simple baseball hitting drills which higher level players utilize to increase their focus and eye to bat to ball coordination. Master these three drills and you’ll become a terror pitchers will dread facing.

Simple Side Toss:

Required equipment: Baseballs & a bat.

Execution: Stage 1

(1.) The player assumes his batting stance at the plate;

(2.) The coach, stationed directly to the side or a bit behind the batter’s front foot, soft tosses a baseball over the plate;

(3.) The ball should be thrown thigh high to the hitter and you should strive for accuracy as the intent of the drive is timing and eye focus.

Execution: Stage 2 Reducing the target

(1.) Player & Coach positioning and goals remain the same;

(2.) The difference with stage 2 is instead of soft tossing baseballs, the coach soft tosses wiffle golf balls which the batter is to hit.

The reasons wiffle golf balls are used instead of real golf balls;

1. Real golf balls hit with a bat travel a Long Way. Breaking windows out of the house across the street from the park is not the goal of this drill.

2. Real golf balls could substantially damage the bat, especially an aluminum bat, by putting dents in the bat, virtually ruining it.

Execution: Stage 3 Expert Level

(1.) Player & Coach positioning and goals remain the same;

(2.) The difference at stage 3 is the coach soft tosses Pinto Beans, which the batter hits;

That’s correct, pinto beans or a similar sized bean.

This is the ultimate in eye focus and timing. Learning to hit a moving object the size of a bean will firmly place you in the upper echelon of your league’s hitters.

I’ve seen some YouTube videos which show batters hitting sunflower seeds and declaring whether they hit them on the flat or the pointed side. I’m not going to argue that, but come on … really.

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