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There are countless little league baseball training aids, equipment, books, videos and schools available for the average and not so average budget. 

What people may fail to realize is how broad the horizon and subjects baseball training materials/aids actually encompass, as the player must first be a physically and mentally healthy athlete before they can begin to master the skills of playing the game.

The following are brief descriptions of various types of training aids, which cover a broad spectrum of skill areas, which you may wish to consider seriously researching.

These items are not all inclusive of what‘s available on the market, as that would require listing 1000’s of items, which is not practical, but represent the upper echelon of the various skill areas.

60 Yard Dash

This E-book, Designed Specifically For Baseball Players On How To Improve Their Speed For The 60 Yard Dash, Which Is Extremely Important In The Baseball Recruiting Process, Is A Must For All Athletes With The Possible Exception Of God Given Gifts Of Excellent Speed. 

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Speed & Agility

Baseball Specific Speed & Agility Workouts Designed To Help Baseball Players Move Faster Regardless Of Their Position On The Field. Quickness Can Be Used As A Substitute For Speed For Slower A Foot Players.

Baseball is a game of inches, always has been and always will be, therefore the ability to react and cover those elusive inches can be a huge advantage for the athlete.

This Program is designed to do just that; help the player increase their quickness and agility. 

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Field Maintenance Guide:

A How-to Baseball Field Maintenance Guide To Give Your Players The Opportunity To Play Their Best And Make Your Own Field Of Dreams. You Owe It To Your Team To Afford Them The Best Playing Environment Possible, And This Could Be Your Answer.

little league baseball

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Pitcher Progress Record:

A Year Long Program For The Serious Pitcher. Offers Daily Logs And Calendars To Keep Track Of All The Workouts/Exercises/Routines Of This Program.

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Increasing Speed:

Add 5-10mph To Your Fastball In 16 Weeks Using A Revolutionary Approach To Pitching Velocity. Product Includes 4 Ebooks, Video, Analysis & Personalized Coaching. 

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Increase Bat Speed:

Bat Speed Equals Power When Hitting. Create Bat-speed And Unbelievable Hitters' Confidence With This Online Course!

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Power Hitting:

Joining The Hitting Rebellion Is Your Ticket To An Explosive And Dynamically Balanced Swing. Get Powerful And Consistent With Movements That Instantly Accelerate The Bat Head Deep Into The Hitting Zone.

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Brand New Method:

A Batting Tee That Will Train Your Eyes To See A Moving Baseball Or Softball & Improve Your Hitting By 80%. An Excellent Training Tool For Coaches & Parents To Train Players On Proper Hitting Mechanics. Build It Your Self Get Step By Step Instructions.

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Mental Side Of Hitting:

A Product For Hitter For Getting Their Mind Right. Hitting Is Not All Physical. The Mind Plays A Huge Part In Successful Hitting.

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Strength Equals Power & Speed:

 Elite Baseball Strength & Conditioning Membership Website To Develop Dominant Power Pitchers And Explosive Home Run Hitters.

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Develop Arm Strength:

The Only Product Of Its Kind - Sport-Specific Instruction On Building Grip And Forearm Strength For Baseball. It Will Be The Go-to Product For Building Lower Arm Strength.

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Core Power Strength:

Core Power For Baseball Is The Answer Many Baseball Players Are Looking For To Gain An Edge And This Unique Product Supplies It.

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Learn The Inside Scoop:

Interviews With Experts In Independent Minor League Baseball. Questions Designed To Help Prospective Players Get Signed To Pro Baseball Contracts. Hear It From The Horses’ Mouth Instead Of Second Hand Gibberish.

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Getting Drafted:

Learn Simple And Effective Approaches To Getting Recruited At The Highest Level. Learn How To Apply Practical Principles Into Positive Action.

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Saving $$$$:

little league baseball

Ebook(r) On How To Quickly Repair/Restore Baseball And Softball Gloves. Don’t Spend Hundreds Of $$$ Dollars On A Glove You Don’t Need Or Want.

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Baseball Training Aids

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