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 Youth Baseball Bat Reviews: It’s been approaching for quite some time and now it’s here:

The Banning of Certain Youth Baseball Bats

  Science and technology have played Dr. Frankenstein with youth baseball bats for quite time, beginning with the aluminum bat and gradually building to the “space age” technology which produces Composite Bats.

  The issue with non wooden bats originally was the idea they were an enhancement tool, as baseballs hit with an aluminum bat traveled 20 to 30 feet farther than that with a wood bat.

Youth Baseball Bat Reviews - Composite Bat

  The majority of sports people saw no issue with the slight enhancement and pointed to the financial aspects of replacing broken wooden bats, as in the beginning, aluminum bats were only a few dollars higher than wood bats, but of course that has risen to a few hundred dollars more expensive.

  The recent fervor has been ignited by the safety factor these bats now pose to fielders, especially infielders at the corners and the pitcher. Due to the composite configurations, the ball comes off the bat at many times the speed of a wood or original aluminum bat, and players are not able to react in time to catch or dodge the speeding ball.

  A 16 year old youngster, hitting right handed and solidly pulling a ball down the third base line with a New Age composite bat, is quite capable of hitting a line drive which could literally kill the third baseman before he could react.

 Listed are the Current Approved Composite Bats - (2 5/8 Inch Barrels):

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 Product:                Model #                            Length(s)

DeMarini CF4 (-3)               CFB10               31”, 32”, 33” & 34”

DeMarini  CF4 (-3)              CFB11               31”, 32”, 33” & 34”

DeMarini Vendetta C6 (-3)   VCB10              31”, 32”, 33” & 34”

DeMarini Vendetta C6 (-3)   VCB11              31”, 32”, 33” & 34”

Combat                               BACK AB1         31”, 32”, 33” & 34”

Combat                                 B2AB1               31”, 32”, 33” & 34”

Combat                                B1AB2-R            31”, 32”, 33” & 34”

Louisville Slugger
TPX Dynasty 7C(-3)            CBXD              31’, 32”, 33” & 34”

Louisville Slugger
TPX Triton (-3)                    CBXT               31’, 32’, 33’ & 34”

Last Updated Jan. 20, 2011

Approved Composite Bats- (2 ¼ Inch Barrels)

Listed Below Are Approved BPF-ABI Composite (2 ¼ ) Baseball Bats:

PRODUCT NAME                         MODEL NUMBER

Mattingly Balistk                                    BTKYB

Demarini CF4                                         CFL10

Demarini CF4                                          CFL11

Easton Omen XL                                   LNC1XL

Easton Omen XL                                   LNC2XL

Easton Stealth Speed - 12                       LSS6XL

Easton Stealth Speed - 11                       LSS1

Easton Stealth Speed - 9                         LSS2

Easton Stealth Speed - 13                       LSS3

Louisville Slugger TPX Maverick        AYB11M

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