Outfield Drill

Let’s learn an outfield drill which addresses one game situation:

a runner on 1st and a hard hit ground ball through the right side of the infield, which the right fielder must quickly field and throw to third (3rd) base.

(1.) The outfielder must aggressively charge the baseball …

(2.) Keep the ball squarely in front of you as you approach in order to keep the ball from getting by you…

(3.) Attempt to field the ball with two hands if possible in order to immediately grip the ball in your throwing hand…

Charging In Low -Outfield Drill

(4.) If unable to field with both hands, bring your glove up and while bringing your throwing hand to meet it and retrieve the baseball…

(5.) Field the ball with your Glove side foot in front, which allows you to immediately take a Crow Hop which produces a strong, accurate throw.

Crow Hop Definition 

I have referred to a player taking a Crow Hop, assuming everyone knows what that is and I apologize for that assumption.

Younger players, some older too, will attempt to Quickly throw the ball back into the infield without properly setting and beginning forward momentum before throwing. This is where the Crow Hop skill is required.

(a.) Explain & demonstrate to your players how taking a crow hop, which begins your forward momentum, provides energy to increase the velocity of their throw. It’s always important players understand the “Why” behind a drill as well as the “How.”

Crow Hop & Throw 

“How does taking longer to throw the ball make it get there faster?” A very logical question from a Tee-Ball player.

Crow Hop Drill:

Divide your team, facing one another about 25’ - 35’ apart, as it’s important to learn the actual crow hop maneuver before unleashing velocity throws, and close is better for that purpose.

Begin the drill by having your players use an exaggerated form of the crow hop, then graduate to proper form and increasing the distance of the throw. This may sound elementary, but remember, the most intricate and complex skill begins with basics.

Beware of players taking 2 steps, as this is not the normal correct method and you don’t want them picking up a bad habit.

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