Breaking in Glove

Breaking in Glove

 You've just spent several hundred dollars on a baseball glove which will become your constant companion for years to come, and in some cases ... make or break your defensive abilities.

Let's look at How to Correctly break in a baseball glove as it is dependent on several factors such as, quality of leather, softness or type of leather, type of glove, webbing design and what requirements the fielder wants.

Everyone has their own opinion or secret formula for breaking in a glove, but we’ll stick with the two basic ones.

Breaking in Glove

The first is to request what the manufacturer recommends, as there are different methods for different leather and they are the experts, they made it. Saying that, if you’re like me you’ll either ignore that suggestion or it may not even cross your mind.

The only tried and true method is to use the glove, as the logic behind breaking a glove in is to soften the leather and form a pocket. Only use will accomplish this, but there are aids to help speed the process.

The degree in which the leather needs softening is pretty well associated with the cost of the glove. More expensive the leather, the softer. However, should the glove cost $500, the individual player will still want to customize the feel to his hand.

Breaking in Glove

Glove & Leather Wax

Baseball Glove: Here is a list of products, oils and lotions, which have proven effective in softening leather:

1. Foam Shaving Cream

2. Vaseline

3. Saddle Soap

4. Manufactures’ Product - Most have their own brand

5. Mink Oil

6. Tanners Glove Oil

I’m sure there are probably more, but these should suffice.

One thing to remember when beginning your softening process “More is Not Better!” Some people will slop the lotion, oil or cream all over the glove believing this will quickly soften the leather. All this does is speed the deterioration of the leather and create a slimy mess.  Baseball Gloves Youth

 Use small amounts of the leather softening product, wiping it into the glove until it disappears. Wipe off any excess product as it is not helping.

 Forming the Pocket

Obviously, playing catch or throwing a ball into the glove is the best way to form a pocket, but sometimes that’s not always possible. Here’s a few tips you might utilize instead or in addition to.

1. Use the batting cages, but instead of hitting …catch the ball. Nothing shapes a pocket quicker than catching 70 mph fastballs.

2. The old fashion, but reliable method, is to oil, soap, or lotion up the glove. Then place a baseball into the pocket, fold the glove together and tie it with a shoelace, piece of string or rubber band.

There are even devises you can buy to hold the glove in the proper position when not in use. I’m not sure I’d waste the money, but they are available.

*** One last method a fellow coach told me about. It’s called the “Hot Glove Treatment”. You apply a special foam to the glove, I assume you can buy it at any quality sporting store, then bake it in the oven for 4 minutes.

Breaking in Glove

He claims some swear by it … others swear at it. I’d be reluctant to put an expensive Baseball Glove into a hot oven and really don’t know how I could recommend this method. 

But…I said from the beginning I’d inform you of everything I knew or was told about. 

Common sense will most likely guide your actions.

1. Keep your glove in a cooler place when not in use. Excess heat, such as leaving the glove in the trunk of the car, can be like putting it in an oven and will dry the leather out.

2. If the glove becomes wet, dry it with a towel and allow it to air dry. Using something like a hair dryer will also dry the leather out.

3. Oil your glove 2 or 3 times a year. You do not want to over oil it.

4. Possibly above all for maintenance and fielding ability is keep the laces tight.

It's a no brainer you must learn as many baseball skills as possible to become the best player you can become. However, nearly as important is having a good knowledge of the equipment we'll use as you progress in your career. 

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