Baseball Training - Angle Drill

Proper Angle Drill: - Baseball Training - Angle Drill

Fly balls hit in the gap, although not always caught, do normally afford an outfielder a look at the ARC of the ball. Knowing the arc of the ball and the slicing tendencies helps the fielder quickly analyze which path to take to the ball.

Ground balls or sinking lines drives, hit into the gap pose an entirely different situation. Usually ground balls and sinking line drives into the gaps are hit so hard there is little if any slicing movement and factors such as field conditions,(wet or tall grass), weather conditions, (hot & dry or cold and damp) have a direct effect on the distance and speed the ball travels.

Baseball Training-Angle Drill -

Circling & Getting Behind the Ball

It is extremely important an outfielder takes the proper angle in order to cut the ball off and keep it from going to the fence. Here’s a drill which will help develop those skills.

1.   Have your out fielders line up @ 50 – 60 feet in front of you.

2.   Throw or hit, this is where a tennis or a racquetball racquet, with balls, really comes in handy, ground balls & low line drives into the gap.

3.   The fielder is to quickly analyze the ball’s speed & direction and run at the proper angle to circle the ball if possible, but definitely cut it off before it gets past him.

Baseball Training-Angle Drill -

Angle Drill Practice

4. Explain the importance of forward momentum, however, have the   fielders always error on the side of caution. An excellent field & throw getting the runner out attempting to take the extra base is great, but a base clearing triple because the ball got past the fielders is not so great.

5.   Stress that getting “behind the ball” or circling it, allows the fielder the ability to field the ball and come up able to immediately throw an accurate, high velocity ball back into the infield.

Baseball Training-Angle Drill 

Hitting The Cutoff/Relay Man

This drill has another aspect which can easily be incorporated into the action, and that is “developing accurate” throws back into the infield. It does little good for a fielder to make an outstanding fielding play, then throw the ball into the stands.

1.   Have your middle infielders, stationed 10-15 feet to your side, rotate receiving the throw from the outfielder.

2.   They are to raise their arms, in a “good” field goal signal, in order to allow the outfielder to quickly identify him.

3.   Should the ball get by the outfielder, the cut-off man should run out into the outfield to receive the throw.

4.   Remember, cutoff players should be yelling as well as signaling with their body. Anything & everything to make it easier and quicker for the outfielder.

Baseball Training-Angle Drill to Outfield Play


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