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Advertising is a billion(s) of dollar industry which puts products in front of potential customers in the best light possible. Baseball Scholarship-Advertising for yourself should be no different

Technology has transformed the world of baseball just as it has every other aspect of everyday living. MLB has made videos a primary teaching and plotting tool for scouting the opponent’s pitchers and hitters as well as analyzing their own players or prospects.

Colleges were quick to realize the potential benefits videos offered and quickly adapted their own outlets which were enhanced by videos. One of the most important and far reaching impacts of baseball videos was in the realm of recruiting players. 

No longer were Coaches restricted by time or distance when wanting to evaluate 2, 3 or 4 players, who were playing at the same time in different parts of the country. Videos could record the entire performance of all the potential recruits for viewing at another time.

Baseball Scholarship-Advertising- Game Conditions

Additionally, players and Parents had instant access to a coach or school, which had formerly been unavailable, in which to showcase their talents and present their case for recruitment. 

The Recruitment Video has graduated from the bulky, sometimes difficult to manipulate, camcorder and VHS tape which when coupled with the completed recruitment packet, commanded a hefty packaging and mailing cost, especially if you were sending out a substantial number of packets.

How to Make a Recruiting Video

the creation of a quality recruiting video, and don’t waste your time if you plan on submitting sub-par material, can be a tedious task, but we’ll examine methods to make the event less traumatic.

The first thing to remember is you are showcasing your talents and to do that you have to decide how and who will film the video.

Hiring a sports videographer has the advantages of having a professional, who will know what angles to shoot with what equipment, which will be high quality. Normally, editing, conversion to a DVD and the adding of music will be included. 

Of course this expertise does come with a price which can vary from $200 to $2000 depending on the services. For a person making a recruiting video seeking financial help to college, a $2000 price tag would more than likely be prohibitive. 
Shooting your own high quality video is a very feasible alternative, especially with the User Friendly equipment available and the computer skills taught at even grade school level.

Baseball Scholarship-Advertising - Excellent Quality Equipment

Here is a list of the minimum materials you’ll need to create a quality recruiting video.

1. A good Quality Video Camera with Tape or Memory Card.

2. A Tripod. An expert or a Brain surgeon may have the ability to not quiver or move while recording, but a tripod is cheaper and more reliable.

3. Video Editing Software. No matter how perfect you think everything went on the day of recording, when you review the results you’ll see things that must be deleted. 

4. A Quality Radar Gun and Stop Watch. I’ll explain more on this momentarily.

5. A YouTube Account can be beneficial if used correctly and is worth taking a look at. Exposure of any kind is what you’re looking for and YouTube is an excellent venue to showcase your talents.

What Impresses Coaches is always the million dollar question. Every coach is different of course, but unless you’re the next Willie Mays, there is a Standard format which must be adhered to in order to be considered for review.

Baseball Scholarship-Advertising - Use Name Brand Equipment

1. The Video must be short in length, time wise that is. I know that is absolutely absurd thinking when you consider the time, effort and expense you have put into the making of the video, but you must put yourself in the place of the coach.

He is busy and, like I said unless you’re the next Willie Mays, you are a total unknown to him. He is not going to waste an hour watching somebody he knows nothing about. Just ain’t gonna happen.

2. Talk the Talk …Walk the Walk What I mean by this is Coaches don’t want to listen to glowing accolades from high school coaches, or anyone else, about how great you are. Number one, people exaggerate, people actually lie and who is going to state “I can hit a baseball 480’, but I strike out 2 times a game.”

So how do you do it? For instance, let’s say you are a pitcher wanting to display your talents. Rent, borrow or as a last resort, buy a Radar Gun. A Jugs Stalker is an excellent gun with a reputation of accuracy. 
Now have someone hold the radar gun and record you throwing several 88 mph fastballs. Telling someone you can throw an 88 mph fastball is one thing, but actually seeing documented results will whet a coach’s appetite to see more. 

The same principal applies for demonstrating speed. Have videos, with a Stop Watch, recording your times running from home plate to first base and rounding the bases, home to home.

Baseball Scholarship-Advertising - Stop Watch & Action Together

For the 60 yard dash record the action with a stop watch, but use easily identifiable distance markers such as on a football field.

Don’t ever just show one attempt at anything you video and submit. You never want to leave the coach viewing the video wondering if the speed or time or whatever, was a fluke. Establish in concrete, this is what I can do for you.

Timing your submittal of videos to coaches is very important. Most people would assume videos should be distributed at the beginning of the student’s senior year in high school. It’s this very mistake which has cost untold numbers of athletes to miss their opportunity for a scholarship.

Videos should begin being distributed at the beginning of the student’s Junior Year of high school. Why? Number one, it takes time to submit videos, time for coaches to review the videos and time for contact back and forth between coach and player. Allow yourself time for the process to work.

Baseball Scholarship-Advertising - Keep The Grades Up!!

Secondly, a coach may want to see if the player improves from his junior year to his senior. He wants to insure the player is a student, with good grades first, as an athlete disqualified from competition for poor grades does nothing to help the coach or the team.

Finally, you must decide if you want to submit (Hire) a Baseball Recruiting Service to distribute your video. NCSA and PERFECT GAME are two well respected programs, you must be cautious of Rip Off Artists in this segment of the process.

***I’m not recommending or insinuating either of these programs are beneficial to acquiring a scholarship, only that they will attempt the process and not take off with your money.***

The process is long and can be complicated, but the rewards could be substantial in tuition assistance. Good Luck and Never Give Up.

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